Design Engineering


We design products right the first time! 



Too often design teams focus almost exclusively on meeting functional product requirements, and leave downstream aspects of product realization for later. Our design team addresses your product ideas and concepts with creative solutions that help you bring your new product to market quickly and cost-effectively. We work with you to understand the root cause for field failures and help you to proactively modify your product or component design to increase quality and reliability. 

Our Concept-to-Design-Cost (CTDC) modelling enables you to experiment and fully develop a concept before risking full-scale production.
During a New Production Introduction (NPI) process Design-to-Cost (DTC) is a critical prediction parameter and process for reaching optimum design and production within budget.
We found that decisions made during the design phase define 80% of a product’s ex-factory cost while decisions during manufacturing account for only 20%.  
For our customers, it’s vital to develop a product that can be manufactured at the right price, fit the target cost and be commercially viable.
ITS Group Design Engineering Advantages


  • Design-To-Cost process saving up to 70% in the Product Life Cycles (PLC)


  • Expertise in bridging the gap and transitioning from design to manufacturing


  • Flexible product design and full system development capabilities


  • Knowledge base from diverse markets contributing to innovative development 
Why ITS Group Design Engineering Solutions
We take your new product idea from whatever point and rethink it through design and engineering, testing and verification.