Industries Overview



ITS-Group for over 25 years has been designing, developing and producing end-to-end multi-disciplinary mechanical systems from prototypes to turnkey solutions for key industries worldwide. 

We have helped our partners to bridge the gap between development and serial production and in the process developed a reputation for Low Volume –High Mix manufacturing, flexibility and precision.

We have the know-how to integrate technologies across different industries, providing each and every one of the following markets with the advantages of cross-industry expertise.  
We have been producing innovative and highly reliable military solutions for OEM defense partners specializing in aviation, ground, marine and other military and security applications.
We have developed a core expertise in servo-controlled motion systems for defense organizations including positioning systems, stabilized and tracking pedestals, servo actuators, calibration and test equipment. MORE>   
ITS Group is one of the leading providers of technologically advanced digital printing systems. We have been engineering, assembling and shipping printing systems to leading industry players worldwide. Our in-house capabilities enable us to produce high accuracy linear beams for digital print heads.
We consistently maintain high standards of quality and performance with 30% reduction in engineering costs. Our innovative engineering combined with agile production and accelerated time-to-market is responsible for competitive results that have exceeded customer expectations. MORE>       
In a bid to help patients experience a better quality of life, our team of medical system and device experts has been designing, engineering and producing advanced equipment that meets the most stringent industry demands. Our uncompromising standards help us to deliver innovative products renowned for their quality, reliability and precision in super short time frames.
From prototype to New Product Introduction (NPI), to assembly, we work with your team to provide optimal medical designs and solutions. MORE> 
Scanning, Inspection and Capital Equipment
ITS Group has field proven experience and expertise in manufacturing and assembling complex and technologically advanced industrial systems. We offer end-to-end design and engineering services for machining, welded frames and scanners throughout our facilities. We partner with leading developers to offer turnkey production solutions for a range of industries, including transport and aviation, printing, CAM and imaging. 
We partner with industry leaders in large capital equipment markets including auto-test and semiconductor. We focus on long term relationships that support industry developments and business changes, taking into account the need to be flexible and responsive to their needs. Having the resources our team is able to quickly respond with design, development and manufacturing adjustments. We manage and test the complete design to shipment process to ensure only the most reliable components arrive at our customer’s industrial assemblies. MORE

ITS Group and INA Linear Technology (of the Schaeffler Group) teamed up to supply precision long travel systems with ITS’ RHS steel beams and INA’s linear bearings.  


We fine-tuned a unique beam fabrication process that delivers dimensional accuracy and stability. 


Our group is also the largest local supplier of chassis and beams, following years of experience and expertise in producing highly accurate end-results. More

Agricultural robotics
ITS Group designs, builds and tests cutting edge robotics that helps to transform agriculture. We support industry leading partners that are developing technologies for the farm of the future where machines can identify and care for agricultural processes.
We have expertise in designing and developing customized robotic solutions to meet specific requirements that maximize our partner’s profit, maintain quality and reduce risk. 
The automotive team provides full service design, production and assembly of a broad range of automotive systems. Following years of experience and expertise in the automotive industry, ITS customers benefit from mechanical turnkey solutions that bridge the gap between development and full serial production of automotive machines.  
We provide flexibility for early involvement in design, component selection and manufacture of prototypes and meet the stringent requirements of the automotive regulatory agents.