Services Overview

Services Overview
We helped our partners bridge the gap between development and serial production, earning us a reputation for Low-Volume-High-Mix manufacturing, flexibility and precision.


At ITS Group we have been building success for our customers through full-service multi-disciplinary electro-mechanical manufacturing for key industries worldwide. From concept ideation and design, through to manufacturing and post-shipment, we continue to empower our customers with heightened speed to market, reduced costs and product innovation.  


ITS Group provides full turn-key solutions for mechanical engineering design and manufacture projects. We specialize in end-to-end project design, development, manufacturing, assembly, testing and prototyping, while providing the stability and security to support complex projects.
Our strength lies in our ability to deliver innovative products within the realities and demands for transparency, flexibility, lean manufacturing and shortened Time-to-Markets. MORE>  
At ITS Group our goal is to facilitate your innovation through the best possible methods, processes, plans and teams right from concept ideation. A team of project professionals partners with you to help you through early-stage planning, to ensure seamless communication and to reduce risk. Our group is recognized for its innovative supply chain methodologies, and outstanding network of suppliers. We address each of your supply chain’s critical stages to accelerate operations, integration and Time to Market. MORE>      
Our design team addresses your ideas and concepts with creative solutions that help you bring your new product to market quickly and cost-effectively. We found that decisions made during the design phase define 80% of a product’s ex-factory cost while decisions during manufacturing account for only 20%.
During a New Production Introduction (NPI) process Design-to-Cost (DTC) is a critical prediction parameter and process for reaching optimum design and production within budget. For our customers, it’s vital to develop a product that can be manufactured at the right price, fit the target cost and be commercially viable. MORE> 
The successful launch of a new product to market involves a flow of complex processes, each critically linked to the one preceding it. All too often ideas fall far short of expectations because a process did not receive the necessary attention. This is especially true if the product concept is not fully validated or has not been optimized for cost-effective production.
At ITS Group we implemented NPI to counter these problems. The result is a continuum of processes and services that enable our customers to quickly move from concept into cost-effective production. MORE>
ITS Group earned its leading mechanical engineering status due to its highly trained teams, innovative processes and dedication to long-lasting solutions. Today we offer a broad gamut of mechanical engineering solutions that help our partners grow and maximize their revenues. We strive to meet your needs through advanced serial production manufacturing, design simulation and prototypes, taking into consideration quality, flexibility, reduced TTM and cost savings. MORE>
ITS Group provides world-class assembly and integration services for complex and robust electro-mechanical systems. We manufacture, assemble, test and integrate advanced digital printers, medical, military and other industry-related systems within our in-house specialized facilities, adjacent to our engineering, design and development teams. All our processes meet ISO 9001:2008 standards. MORE>
ITS Group’s Quality Assurance comprehensively covers all processes from design and development to assembly and documentation. With decades of experience in manufacturing complex systems, our QA has always played a critical role in testing and inspection. Our team of QA professionals created an environment of performance excellence. They bring professionalism combined with passion to deliver the best services to our customers. ITS Group is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9002 certified. MORE
As new products continue to be designed and developed every day the demand for high quality prototypes is becoming even greater. ITS Group teams of engineers specialize in producing advanced prototypes for mechanical engineering solutions.
 Our unique design and development processes enable us to begin from a client’s idea and then design, develop and prototype to give life to their own unique product. We look forward to helping you with your next big IDEA!  ITS Group’s Quality Assurance comprehensively covers all processes from design and development to assembly and documentation. More