Your Vision, Our Mission!

ITS Group specializes in end-to-end development, engineering and production of multi-disciplinary systems and turnkey solutions for military and defense, digital printing, medical industries and more, worldwide. 


We build success for manufacturing partners through vertically integrated services that aim to take your product vision and realize it through full system development. 


We nurture your new product idea from any point, whether a concept or prototype and breathe life into it through design, engineering, testing and QA. Complete cooperation, transparency and accountability are standard practice at every stage of our workflow. Because our product design teams are situated with our manufacturing operations, there is ongoing dialog between the units. 


ITS Group companies are renowned for helping customers to bridge the gap between development and serial production, ‘Low Volume – High Mix’ manufacturing, quality and precision. 


Each project is assigned to a team of engineers that collaborates closely with the customer’s R&D teams. Our engineering unit implements New Product Introduction (NPI) processes to ensure a seamless transition between R&D, prototyping, procurement and production. 


Our R&D teams share diverse knowledge in core industries and are globally recognized for their expertise in mechanics, electronics, servo-controlled motion and positioning technologies. Positech of the ITS Group fills a central R&D role, specializing in tracking systems and precision technologies for military, security and medical operations. 


ITS Group is the exclusive local representative of LEADERDRIVE, manufacturer of harmonic high quality, precision gears for advanced motion systems. 


The Group was founded in 1992 by CEO – Gera Eron and operates from local and global sites in South East Asia and EMEA.